When the worst has occurred and you’ve been in an accident, call the authorities first. Then call us at Alfredo Towing Service (813-343-2169) from anywhere in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll be there to help.

ACCIDENT TOWING: We truly hope you never experience a collision while driving your vehicle! Nothing is more disconcerting than a vehicular accident. Most important, of course, is that you and your family are unharmed, or quickly transported for any needed medical care.

We know that dealing with the multiple matters that arise after a collision is always stressful. Plus, you are shaken, and possibly have injuries that have not yet been detected. Alfredo Towing Service will do all we can to make the aftermath of an accident as easy for you as possible

When we get the call, we will send the most appropriate truck to the site of the collision. We’ll be there within thirty minutes of your call, if not sooner.

Alfredo Towing Service of Tampa is experienced in accident recovery. From fender-benders to large, multi-vehicles wrecks, we offer fast, efficient and competitively priced accident towing and recovery services.

Once we know everyone’s safe, our excellent operators will take care of vehicle issues and help with insurance arrangements, if desired, so you and your family (or other passengers) can focus on more personal matters. We will go to work moving damaged vehicles off the roadway, and gather all debris, We will encourage you to remove important items from your wrecked vehicle, for safekeeping, before towing it.

We can recommend a few First Steps to reduce stress and provide peace of mind following an accident:

  • Stay calm, in order to competently relate details of the accident to responding
    law enforcement officers. Breathe deeply, and focus.
  • Check to see if anyone is hurt. Call local authorities to report the accident, and any injuries. If anyone is potentially injured, promptly call 911 to report the nature of the injury and request an ambulance.  
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident, except if you are in need of emergency medical care and are to be transported by ambulance.  
  • Move your vehicle safely off the road, or to the side of the road, if at all possible. And
    remain a good distance from oncoming traffic when you do so.
  • Call, or request that authorities call (or permit you to call) Alfredo Towing Service of Tampa at 813-343-2169, to tow your car to the garage or dealer of your choice, if repairable. If damage is heavy, and in all likelihood the vehicle will be totaled by the appraiser, your vehicle will be towed to our yard until an appraiser can be assigned by your insurance company and personally examine the vehicle and assess damage.  
  • We will arrive in a half hour, or less, from the time your call ends.  
  • Exchange insurance and personal information with the driver(s) of the other vehicle(s), and any potential witnesses.  
  • Remove the registration, insurance card, and any other important documents from your vehicle. Police will need to see your driver’s license and registration to write up the accident report. You will receive a copy of that report - along with any citation, if you are found at fault. Keep this report for your insurer, for your files, and for any future legal action.  
  • Take several photos of the scene, the signage, and of all damaged vehicles. Share these with your insurer. Often, photos will explain a complex accident more easily than words will.  
  • Arriving quickly, Alfredo Towing Service’s tow truck operators will exert maximum care to securely load and transport your damaged vehicle with precision.  

We have the expertise and will give special care to transporting your vehicle in a manner that will avoid and prevent any further damage. Safe, careful towing is the name of the game.

We will leave you documentation regarding the tow, along with a business card with our physical address and contact information.

Now relax. And count on Alfredo Towing Service for peace of mind.

Call now, and request a tow!
Alfredo Towing Service (813-343-2169)
We’ll get you going again.


A Note of Advice: ALWAYS make sure you are driving with a charged cell phone, and carry a cell phone charger with you, in your vehicle.

$75 Hook Fee + $4/mile