Alfredo Towing Service is Tampa’s most reliable 24/7 towing & roadside service company. We boast a sleek fleet of the latest tow and flatbed auto hauling trucks, and we set the standards in the Tampa Bay Area for:

Junk Cars Towing

Junk Cars Towing

Here’s our promise to you: Call Alfredo Towing Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will arrive to help in 30 minutes or less!

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There’s nothing worse than having your busy day or night come to a screeching halt due to a blowout, running out of gas, locking yourself out of your vehicle, or turning the key and nothing happens.

Count on Alfredo Towing Service of Tampa for prompt roadside assistance. We’ll get you and your auto back on the road ASAP. We pride ourselves on our quick response and top-notch service. And if we can’t resolve your problem on the spot, we’ll tow your vehicle to an area dealer or garage of choice.


Relax, we have your back. We’ll treat your vehicle as if it were our own. Call us at 813-414-1127. Then chill - we’ll be on our way!

Our dispatcher will ask for the make and model of your car, SUV, or truck, and details about your location - information we need to decide whether wheel lift towing or a flatbed haul is the best way to move your vehicle. We always send the most appropriate truck to the rescue.

A tried and true method of towing, a wheel lift tow is a quick, effective means to transport your vehicle over short distances. Once, ‘old-school’ towing meant a sweaty operator in a grubby T-shirt would show up, usually late, then wrap a few chains around the vehicle frame, lift the front end off the ground and drag your car the nearest gas station for service or repair. As cars and small trucks became lighter and more complex, this method proved inadequate. It was actually damaging to many types of vehicles.

Some wheel lift tow trucks utilize crossbars, operated from a hydraulic boom. The crossbars can be placed beneath the front or rear wheels, then lifted, leaving the other set of wheels on the road.

When you call Alfredo Towing Service today, a crew of neatly dressed, knowledgeable operators is ready to respond; and we’ll arrive within half hour of your call.

Our wheel lift tow trucks are equipped with a hydraulic dolly mounted at the rear. When loading your auto or truck, our operator will back up to the front or rear of your vehicle - depending on the configuration of your transmission – then lower the hydraulic dolly into place and drive (or manually push) your car onto the dolly, securing it with tire or axle straps. All that remains is to lift and lock the dolly in place.

Wheel lift is preferred for towing two-wheel drives, and for short distance towing. Wheel lift trucks have the advantage of being able to tow cars that are parallel parked, stalled in a low-ceiling parking garage, or parked on a narrow road. Tight spaces always require wheel lift towing.

The advantage of a flatbed truck is absolute security. Moving a sedan, Jeep, SUV or truck on a flatbed maintains the wheels in a stationary position, preventing possible damage to the transmission. Flatbed hauling is the best option for four-wheel drives, and for heavier, or luxury vehicles.

Our flatbed auto haulers are heavy-duty trucks with a movable platform. The platform slides down partially from the truck frame to meet the ground, so a car can be driven onto the platform under its own power, or hauled onto the platform using a winch system. Strategically located chains and straps ensure your car does not move while being transported. The one drawback of using a flatbed is that they’re large and less mobile, so operating in tight spaces is impossible.

This is the bread-and-butter of any towing company. Tampa-based, operating in Hillsborough County and vicinity, Alfredo Towing Service can be counted on to do the job quickly and safely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 813-414-1127.

Once your vehicle’s loaded, we’ll give you a ride to your destination for repair. Our trucks are clean, and air-conditioned. When you call Alfredo Towing Service from anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area, you’ll feel confident that you’re on your way to setting things right.

Light duty trucks for lightweight towing require less complicated equipment than commercial towing. Light duty is best suited for recovering or towing vehicles such as SUVs, automobiles, and smaller trucks. What’s the difference between towing and ‘recovery’? It’s all in the straps.

Straps used for recovery of ‘stuck’ vehicles must have more stretchiness than regular tow straps, which have little ‘give’ and can break under the pressures that a vehicle recovery generates. Our ‘light duty’ trucks weigh about 8,500 lbs., with payload capacity maxing out at 4,000 lbs. We can handle the job!

Nothing’s more disconcerting than a vehicular accident. Most important, of course, is that you and your family are unharmed, or quickly transported for medical care. Dealing with the multiple matters that arise after a collision is always stressful. Alfredo Towing Service will do all we can to make the aftermath as easy for you as possible. Our excellent operators will take care of vehicle issues, so you and your family can focus on other matters.

Bike break down? Not to worry. Call 813-414-1127, and we’ll be right there to take you and your motorcycle to your favorite garage.

Let us assist you with junk car removal – one, or a dozen! Alfredo Towing Service buys junk cars. Best of all, we’ll beat competitor’s prices! We’ll pick up your junker anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area. Whether selling to buy another car, or just removing a junked vehicle from private property, call Alfredo Towing Serving Service TODAY for a fast quote over the phone.