JUNK CARS SERVICE: You know you’re in the country when you pass large tracts of land where, in one little, but growing corner, you can witness several decades of well-used vehicles – cars, tractors and trucks – whose usefulness ended long ago. As they rust, the gathering of orangey carcasses belonging to once-necessary vehicles or farm equipment become an almost artistic addition to the landscape.

Whizzing by in your automobile on a weekend, a pile of rusting trucks or cars in a green setting is mildly interesting. The rusting metal of bygone years is a sort of “return to the earth” of past materials drawn from it: Iron and steel, rubber, natural fabric or leather. As these age, they disintegrate.

Not so, the modern car or truck!

To lighten vehicles for gas savings, metals have become lighter, and plastics have replaced steel fenders and rear bumpers. Fluids have more unpronounceable laboratory ingredients with potentially poisonous or carcinogenic elements. The effects of the deterioration of these ‘artificial ingredients’ has never been tested, as to effects on the soil or water.

But worse than any possible ecological outcome: If you live anywhere in the city, and have a junker sitting in your yard, your neighbors are very likely meeting to plan an intervention! Save your reputation as a good neighbor. Let Alfredo Towing Service of Tampa assist you with junk car removal – we can handle one car, or a dozen!

If a section of your property has, over time, given birth to an automotive graveyard of non-functioning and now immovable cars, trucks, small boats, or riding mowers, you need to call Alfredo Towing Services at 813-343-2169 – today! We’ll solve your removal problem.

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Call us. We can discuss your junk car problem and determine what it would take to remove one (or more) vehicles, or make an offer for your ‘junker.’

Call Alfredo Towing Service of Tampa TODAY, at 813-343-2169, and get a fast quote.
We buy junk cars throughout the Tampa Metropolitan area, including: Tampa, Lutz, Brandon, Lakeland, Clearwater, Largo and St. Petersburg

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